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Beitrag 7 Entry #7

h3x0r deluxe

Autoren Authors
Martin Simecek, Zdenek Eisenhammer, Vojtech Nedved

Kategorie Category
Spiel - Denken  Game - Thinking



h3x0r deluxe - MatoSimi, Nooly, PG

Your task is placing at least 4 same crystals in row in hexagonal playfield before time runs out. This can be done by swapping two adjacent crystals. Row which consists of 4 crystals will disappear. New crystals fall from the top of playfield and fill holes created before. Row which consists of 5 or more crystals also creates energized crystal. If a row consists of energized crystal, this crystal explodes and destroys all 6 crystals adjacent to energized crystal. If there is an energized crystal destroyed, it also explodes and creates chain reaction of explosions.
As game advances, time runs out faster. Empty crystal appears after certain period of gameplay to block your moves. Only way to get rid of it is make it fall from the bottom of playfield.

Game requires Atari XL/XE with at least 64 kB of memory; it does not need any extended HW. Music and SFX are played simultaneously during gameplay. It runs same on PAL and NTSC machines.

Game can be started in title screen using START button or FIRE button on your joystick. Game is completely controlled by joystick. Use the joystick to control the cursor and press FIRE to select crystal. Then move cursor to adjacent crystal and press FIRE to swap it with the selected one. If swapped crystals did not make 4 or more crystal row, they swap back into their original positions.
Game can be ended anytime by pressing ESC key.

Scoring is based on combos, so score is multiplied when disappearance of crystals leads to next disappearance without intervention of player. The bigger chain reaction you make, the bigger score you get. You can receive MegaCombo bonus 10000 points if you destroy 9 or more same shaped crystals in one move.

  by Gunnar Kanold 2010