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Milk Nuts + Leveleditor

Autoren Authors
Frantisek Houra, Zdenek Eisenhammer, Marek Pesout, Petr Svoboda

Kategorie Category
Spiel - Plattformer  Game - Platformer



Milk Nuts was inspired by the NES game "Nuts & Milk" but has been written completely from scratch. The object of the game is to rescue the kidnapped princess from the evil Nuts. Our hero Milk must complete 49 levels to achieve this. There are two different types of levels: standard and bonus. In standard levels, Milk must collect all of the fruits to open the house door and then reach it to rendezvous with his fiancée. In bonus levels, Milk can pick up an extra life by collecting ten pieces of fruit. Just remember that the evil Nuts and his servants will not give them up so easily!

System requirements:
Atari XL/XE with at least 64 kB of memory.

The game is controlled by both joystick and keyboard. Use the joystick to control the main character, SPACE pauses a level, ESC to quit the current level and pressing SELECT switches between ingame music, sound effects and pure silence. Also, the keyboard is used to enter a name into the high-score table. From the title screen, use Option to view the high-score table.

Milk can walk, jump, fall and climb as can his rival Nuts but Milk has two strong advantages: he can walk through the left and right borders and is able to fall at an angle. On the other hand, if Milk falls from too great a distance, he becomes dazed momentarily. Milk can make a longer jump or fall at an angle when running. A further jump can be made from the trampoline by pressing fire. It is impossible to jump when Milk is climbing.

Milk gets 50 points for each piece of fruit and 5 points as a bonus for each second remaining from the time limit after finishing a level. Besides that, Milk wins an extra life for every 5000 points.

* the game saves high-scores to the disk so do not write-protect it.
* the level editor contains a built-in help system available in six different languages.

  by Gunnar Kanold 2010