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AABBUC Software Wettbewerb 2010

ABBUC Software Contest 2010

Beitrag 11 Entry #11

Ocean Detox

Autoren Authors
Marek Pavlik, Zdenek Eisenhammer, Adam Powroznik, Michal Szpilowski

Kategorie Category
Spiel - Action  Game - Action



Ocean Detox

A game entry for the annual ABBUC Software Contest 2010. Released in August 2010.

The objective of the game is to destroy all toxic barrels in the oceans around the world with a submarine that is equipped with toxic-neutralizer mines. You cannot control the submarine movement, only release mines/torpedoes. There is a total of 10 levels (2 levels for each world ocean) to be cleared, with various bonuses to be collected and increasing difficulty.
There are some nice upgrades to be collected, like shield, fast mines or mega mines. The game starts with 4 torpedoes, 1 fast mine, 1 mega mine and 1 shield. Torpedoes are always filled up on each level. All other upgrades are transferred from the previous level.

Decrease Speed, Increase Speed, Torpedo, Mega Mine, Fast Mine, Ship Up, Shield, Decrease Score, Increase Score, Pause, Random Bonus

Title screen:
Start              Start game

Fire               Drop mine
Joystick down      Drop fast mine (or a normal one if depleted)
Joystick up        Drop mega mine (or a normal one if depleted)
Joystick right     Shoot torpedo
Esc                Abort game

Atari 8-bit computer with 64 kBytes of RAM and a joystick. Tested on PAL 800XL/XE models. Should work on NTSC machines (not extensively tested).

Code by Marek Pavlík (MaPa)
Ingame graphics, game design, sfx and documentation by Zdeněk Eisenhammer (PG)
All other graphics (logos, static pictures) by Adam Powroznik (Ooz)
Music by Michal Szpilowski (Miker)
Betatesting by all of the authors plus František Houra (Fandal) and Radek Štěrba (Raster). Thank you!

Hints & Background Information
- The game was inspired by a PC game „Ponorka“ made by a Czech developer group Trion team (see
- The development started in April 2010, with a long break between half of June and half of August. The game was finished just on the day ABBUC Contest deadline.
- The number of barrels in each level is gradually increasing.
- The base speed of the submarine increases every two levels.
- You can have a maximum of 4 torpedoes, 9 shields, 9 mega mines and 9 fast mines.
- If you already have 9 shields, mega mines or fast mines, you get a +500 bonus instead of +250.
- If you have a shield, you can run through one barrel without being destroyed.
- A normal mine destroys 4 barrels in a column at once.
- A fast mine is like a normal mine, only falling twice as fast.
- A mega mine is a mine that destroys a whole column of barrels.
- The Pause bonus stops your submarine until the mine that collected it disappears. This gives you some time to think and allows you to drop another mine earlier.
- When shooting a torpedo, it won't collect bonuses (it destroys them) and score will decrease by 100 points for every barrel.
- When hitting a bonus with the submarine, it is collected.

Link to video sample

  by Gunnar Kanold 2010