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Martin Simecek

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Spiel - Denkspiel  Game - think


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roxblox - Martin Simecek - 31.Aug.2011 Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

Goal of the game is to move bricks in rows and columns to position them according to template in upper left part of screen. Game consists of several stages which have 8 levels each. After you finish all 8 levels in stage, your final rank appears in stage selector frame. If you want to get better rank, you have to solve all levels using as few moves as possible. Number under level template describes amount of moves you can use to solve level in minimum possible moves. If you waste those moves, you will see red 0 which lowers your final rank. If you finish all levels in stage in minimum possible moves, you get rank "A" which turns into star. To win the game, get star rank in all stages.

At the very start, you can play only stage 1, but after you finish it, next stage will be unlocked and so on.
Game consists of various bricks with various features which you discover in advanced stages. Find out how to use them to achieve game goal.

Game requires Atari XL/XE with at least 64 kB of memory; it does not need any extended HW. Game was programmed and tested on PAL machine, tested also for NTSC compatibility on emulator.
Use joystick to select stage and press FIRE to start game. Move red cursor to select row/column and direction of movement. Press FIRE to move bricks in selected row/column.
If you would like to cancel game, press ESC or hold FIRE for 4seconds - your stage selector turns red and you can chose other stage then.

Have fun!


  by Bunsen 2011