Fujiama 2011
5., 6., 7. 8. 2011
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Helmut and the ABBUC happily invite to this years Fujiama! Be our guest in Lengenfeld and experience computer history.
Everyone is welcome, be him/her, computerfreak, or just spectator.

Many Thanks To The LCC Lengenfeld

First, we want to say a big thank you to the Lengenfeld Carneval-Society. Providing their Clubhouse makes it possible for us to hold the Fujiama in the manner. Far beyond normal levels out, we can use the locality. A location that through constant efforts of the LCC members-Lengenfeld constantly to become more attractive. To all members of the LCC Lengenfeld we align all our thanks and we look forward to many many more years together!

time shedulings

The Fujiama will take place the days from Fri Aug 5th to Sunday Aug 7th in the Schuetzenhaus of Lengenfeld, Germany.
As usual, the event starts friday morning at 12:00am with the unlocking of the partyplace.

What is expecting you?

A lot of fun, games and competitions, of course!

beside other things, Carsten is preparing the following:

Learn more about it here (german).

What is the Fujiama?

The Fujiama takes place since 2006 in Lengenfeld, Germany, and has grown up to the largest Atari 8 Bit Party in germany.
It is the successor of the Scheiersgruener Spring Fair, which took place in spring of the years of 1996 to 2005, and the COnvention Unconventional, which was hold in the summer of 2000 to 2005. The new thing is, that we don't just expect our beloved 8-Bit-Atari's, but also like to get surprised by other classic systems. So don't be shy, everybody is welcome to visit this event. As long we have space, we can build-up your computers for having three great days of fun and talk. And even if we're running out of space, we'll just rent another room additionally!

The Landscape

The Schutzenhaus is located above the town Lengenfeld, around 450 meters above sea level.
Beside the view over the northern Vogtland an the town Lengenfeld, you can go for a walk by using a hiking trail. After 500 meters, you can sit and enjoy a view at the whole panorama of the southern Vogtland with all his richness on woods.
The view goes to the height of 860 meters above sea level, behind this the town of Klingental is located, which can refer a difference in height of 500 meters (in words five-hundred) within one city.

There are two McDonals' in the near, one in Reichenbach and one in Auerbach.

A pizza service can be called here in Lengenfeld or in Rodewisch and Treuen. I will supply the price lists this year.

About the open air bath, some of you know already the Stadtbad here in Lengenfeld, but there is also one in Rebesgrun, 6 kilometers away.

The petrol stations near the Autobahn are expensive.
A second one can be found in the town of Lengenfeld, a little less expensive ... a third one can be found in the business area of Lengenfeld, it's the cheapest one there.
Who's in the mood to, can go to Kraslitz (Graslitze), the fuel is about 20 cents lower and the cigarettes are about 17 Euros. Ask me (Helmut) if you need a description how to get there. It takes about 90 minutes to get there.

For all the companions who might be not that interested in computers, there is an amuement park in Plohn, district of Lengenfeld. Take a look at it: http://www.freizeitpark-plohn.de/en/.

On saturday evening we will broil some sausage. Food for breakfast can be fetched and I will care for drinks.

You can sleep in a tent in the Schutzenhaus area, or on the floor beside your Atari Computer.
But you also can in a hotel. Pleace refer Meine-Stadt.de to find a good place.
If needed, I have one or two beds left for you.

This year, the shower can be used, so you can do your personal hygiene.

some interesting links about the Fujiama


This is how you get to the Schuetzenhaus in Lengenfeld, Germany:
Schützenhaus in google-earth
Bahnhof Lengenfeld in google-earth
Lengenfeld at the OpenStreetMap

for navigationsystems: the complete address of the Schutzenhaus is
Schützenhausweg 11
08485 Lengenfeld

for people who go by train: it's 20 minutes by foot this way
Route Railstation - Schutzenhausweg (Google Maps)

List of people who announced their attendance

This is not the entire list, as long your name is missing! If you plan to visit this event, please feel free to send an e-mail to me, so all your friends know, you will be there too!
Atari 1050
Atari 800XL Joystick