The Cart zerschossen.

The Cart zerschossen.
Benutzeravatar07.05.2019 um 13:56 Uhr von pmetzen
Hallo erst mal.

Weiß jemand von Euch, wie ich wieder meine 128 MB The Cart zum laufen krieg? Habe beim letzten Flashvorgang mir das Modul zerschossen. Jetzt bekomme ich nur ein Schwarzes Bild, wenn ich das Modul einstecke und kann es so nicht mehr neu flashen.

Vielen Dank. Pmetzen
Re: The Cart zerschossen.
11.05.2019 um 21:13 Uhr von Jac
Hallo Paul,

Die Software von hias in D1: und Option beim EInschalten halten. Im Detail:

Important: If The!Cart does not start anymore after flashing

In very rare cases, for example when I/O errors corrupt the first few banks of The!Cart, you may not be able to enter the menus or the built-in flasher anymore from The!Cart itself. Then you have the following options:

Download latest disk version of the flasher from Atari flashing software .
Insert the "thecart.atr" from the download archive in disk drive 1.
Hold down the OPTION key during power-on. You will then either end up in the simple menu and can try from there. Or the cartridge disable itself completely and the computer will boot from disk.
If even holding down OPTION alone does not disable The!Cart and the computer hangs, try pressing RESET on the computer again.
If even this does not disable The!Cart, you need a Turbo-Freezer or similar monitor program, so you can disable The!Cart during power-on by writing the value $00 to address $D5A6. If you have a Turbo-Freezer, hold down the freezer button and power-on the computer. Enter the debugger by pressing "D" and enter "CD5A6<00". Then press RESET to let the computer boot.
If all this fails, you can try the strictly not recommended way and hot-plug The!Cart. This may damage your cartridge and you computer. First boot the flash from disk without The!Cart inserted. You are prompted to press the RESET button on The!Cart. Insert the cartridge carefully and completely. Press the RESET button on the cartridge and then press RETURN on the computer. The flasher will report if and which cartridge was detected.
You can flash the cartridge as described in the previous section. If the problem remains, try flashing again and answer the question "incremental update" with "n".
Now your The!Cart works again. If not, feel free to contacts us.
Re: The Cart zerschossen.
Benutzeravatar16.05.2019 um 18:56 Uhr von pmetzen
Vielen Dank. Hat funktioniert. :notworthy:
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