Doppelte Dateien von Diskette löschen


I inadvertently changed the name of one file on my disk to the exact name of another
file on the same disk. I now have two files on the same disk with the same name and
I am unable to access the second file. If I try to change the name or delete one of
the files, both are affected. Will I ever see that second file again?

Follow this procedure:

1. Load file and transfer to another disk (for backup).

2. Type POKE 3118,0 [RETURN] (immediate mode, no line #).

3. Go to DOS. To proceed, press [START].

4. Rename the file (DOS option E) and only the first one will be renamed.

5. Go back to BASIC (DOS option B), POKE 3118,184 (back to normal), and all will be well.
You will have the two files with different names now on the main disk, with the first
file backed up on the second disk.