DOS 3 FMS Fehler


Early versions of DOS 3 contained errors in the File Management System (FMS) files.
To determine which version of DOS 3 you have, type:


If the result is 78, you own the latest version. If you get a 76, however, you\'ve
got the early version of DOS 3. Follow these instructions to update your copy of DOS 3.

1. Type in the following program listing and SAVE it to disk.

  10 POKE 3889,78:POKE 39
  23,78:POKE 3943,78
  26 POKE 3929,76:POKE 38
  95,76:POKE 3901.77
  30 POKE 3935,77:POKE 39
  55,77:POKE 2117,240

2. RUN the program.
3. Go to DOS, put a blank disk in your drive, and use option [I] to initialize the disk.
   (Remember to type [Y] to WRITE FMS.SYS).
4. Copy all the files (except the FMS.SYS file) from your Master disk to your new disk.
   When you\'re done, you should use your new disk in place of your Master Disk.